Sat July 4, 2020
FitzGerald's Presents
Stay-At-Home Concert Series: Naomi Ashley
Show: 4:00 pm
All Ages
Additional Info
If you live between Madison (N), 22nd (S), Austin (E), and Harlem (W) in South Oak Park/North Berwyn, sign up here to request The FitzGeralds Stay At Home Concert pay you a visit this Saturday (7/4/20) between 4pm - 5PM. We are likely to visit the blocks that we receive the most requests from. Encourage your neighbors to fill out the form. Please remember to stay on your own property and maintain a safe distance.

Whether we visit your block or you enjoy the livestream: support the club, the artist and our staff via Venmo: @FITZGERALDSNIGHTCLUB (last four digits: 0646) or PayPal: PAYPAL@FITZGERALDSNIGHTCLUB.COM
If you do not live nearby, tune in to the live stream on the FITZGERALDS facebook page