WHY NOT Productions presents Woodstock: Three Days of Peace, Music and Love

Sat, Aug 19 2017, 9:00pm - $15 - Tickets
Presented by WHY NOT Productions.
Bring your the-dyes and your freak flags for a joyous celebration commemorating the 48th anniversary of this legendary gathering. Doors open at 7 pm.
Perfroming 4 sets, opening with an acoustic set and ending with an all-star finale. Musicians: John Hanrahan, Brother John Kattke, Wavy Dave Burlingame, Chris Bernhardt, Loz and Northwest Corner.
Bands whose music is covered: 
Richie Havens
Arlo Guthrie
Crosby Stills Nash
Jimi Hendrix
G Dead
The Band
Janis Joplin
Jefferson Airplane
The Who
Joe Cocker