Tributosaurus Kids Show featuring The Beatles' "Red Album"

Sat, Feb 16 2013, 12:00pm - $15, $8 (12 and under), free (3 and under) - Tickets

Introduce your children to the Beatles as Tributosaurus plays selections from the Beatles' "Red Album" at this family show. 

For the last decade, Tributosaurus has been paying homage to a variety of different artist once every month. Their goal is to exactly re-create the sounds of the original recordings as closely as possible, whatever that may entail. Consequently, the core members of the group have become incredibly adept at designing sounds, transcribing performances, recognizing and creating widely varied arrangements -- managing to do this with a completely new catalog of material every show. They feature a wide array of guests, including horn sections, string sections, ethnic instruments and ensembles, multiple guitarists and keyboardists, and many singers both lead and supporting. This has put them in the unique position of having a direct line to the largest network of top-flight players in Chicago, all of whom know them and work well with them. The Tributosaurus core has become the ultimate musical chameleon, able to jump from style to style, from ensemble to ensemble easily. They know and listen to each other attentively, which makes each perfomance sound like a BAND, as opposed to a group of random assembled players.