The Mudmen: A Pink Floyd Experience

Sat, Feb 08 2020, 9:00pm - $10

Doors open at 7 pm.

The Mudmen is a Chicago-based Pink Floyd project born in the Summer of 2018. The band pays tribute to all Pink Floyd eras, from the psychedelic beginnings all the way through the enormity of The Wall and beyond. 

Made up of an eclectic mix of established Chicago-scene musicians, the band serves up a fresh approach to Floyd's catalogue. Each show is different with a balanced flow of fan favorites, deep cuts, longer excerpts, and unique arrangements which sets The Mudmen apart from other Pink Floyd projects on the scene.

The Mudmen make up for typical tribute gimmicks by providing its audience with a one of a kind aural journey each and every show. While some arrangements will hold true to the originals, The Mudmen also venture into uncharted territory that is rarely seen in other tribute acts.