The Lotus Kings: An All-Star Tribute to SANTANA featuring Cecy Santana

Sat, Apr 27 2019, 9:00pm - $15 - Tickets

Doors open at 7 pm.


THE LOTUS KINGS are truly a labor of love for Deacon Blues founder Steven Kikoen. When Steven was twelve years of age he befriended a new classmate who had just moved to the Chicago area from Madrid. This new student’s name was Guy Raymond Jeanes. On his first day of school, Guy showed up in a sport jacket, complete with shirt and tie. The guys in the class didn’t get it. The girls dug it. When Steven approached Guy to begin a friendly conversation, it didn’t take long for him to discover that he and Guy shared many similar interests; the most significant being their shared passion for guitar playing. A lifelong friendship was born.

Fast forward a year. While Steven was deep into The Beatles, B.B. King, The Who, and Eric Clapton, Guy proceeded to turn him on to Carlos Santana — when Guy’s oldest sister brought home a Santana album. Within minutes the course of Steven’s path in musical awareness changed dramatically. There was such a connection to the sound, the sustain, and the phrasing of Carlos’ work, not to mention the innovative joining of Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms with rock, funk, and later, jazz.

Now, a quantum leap later and after the success of Deacon Productions’ first two “All-Star” Bands (Deacon Blues: The All-Star Grammy® Tribute to Steely Danand BIG SUIT: The All-Star Tribute To Talking Heads), Steven has returned to his earliest roots and rediscovered Carlos, not unlike what Clive Davis did for Maestro Santana back in 1999 with Supernatural.

Taking a cue from Clive Davis, Steven’s aim was to surround himself with the best of the best from the Chicago area with regard to musicians who have an absolute passion for all things Santana.  

The all-star LOTUS KINGS collective includes guitarist Steven Kikoen (Deacon Blues, BIG SUIT, River North Allstars, The Deacons) on guitar & Brazilian performer Cecy Santana (Cecy Santana Band) on vocals with Chicago virtuosos including keyboardists Ben Lewis (Gary Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band) and Paul Mutzabaugh (The Unknown New); Iconic bassists Chuck Webb (Deacon Blues, Al Di Meola, Aretha Franklin) and Wally Hustin (Deacon Blues, Dave Mason, Phoebe Snow, Mike Stern); Drum legends Ben Jammin’ JohnsonPaul Wertico (Deacon Blues, Pat Metheny, Wertico, Cain, & Grey), and Phil Brines (Deacon Blues, BIG SUIT), Master Congero Joe Rendon (Chevere), Premier timbales player Jaime Claudio, and award-winning percussionists Megan Thomas (Deacon Blues, BIG SUIT) and Janet Cramer. Musical Direction & Vision by Steven Kikoen and Joe Rendon.

As Carlos would say … “be ready to rearrange the molecules with the light” as THE LOTUS KINGS prepare to transport you into the magical world of SANTANA. In the words of another famous band . . . “A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All!”


A native Brazilian, Cecy Santana is equal parts samba, jazz, funk, rock ’n’ roll, and pop. She is an amalgam from the attributes of Gaga, Sade, Imbruglia, Aguilera, and Estefan. A composer of high acclaim, Santana’s music and videos have been in the charts for the past several years, propagated by the works of Triple Heat, Cecy Santana Band, and The Lotus Kings.

Santana has generated countless sold out shows and has developed a devoted following endlessly awaiting her next incarnation. Dubbed “The Chameleon,”she reinvents herself constantly hrough the auspices of the award-wining HMUA and photography of Jairo Garcia and Billy Pissios respectively. Cecy Santana is a phenom. Her beauty and charisma are only equaled by her talent. The chemistry created by Santana, whether with one of her many Brazilian ensembles or with her Afro-Celt Jazz Funk group The Lotus Kings, commands your attention. You cannot deny this level of excellence in composition and performance.

Born into an enormously musical family and hailing from Sao Paulo, Santana learned from her famous Brazilian father Carlos Santana –legendary trumpeter, conductor, and first chair of both the Sao Paulo and Rio Symphony Orchestras. Cecy’s original music has been featured in commercials and music conventions. She has performed with New Orleans powerhouse Galactic and has appeared with Fantasia Barrino, Carl Thomas, Roy Ayers, Musiq Soulchild,and Lil Wayne.

Cecy Santana is currently readying her debut solo album “Skyline”for release as well as the epic “Obrigada”written with Deacon Productions impresario and renaissance man Steven Kikoen of The Lotus Kings, withseveral other Kikoen/Santana projects in the works. Santana has released multiple music videos to date and plans to release several more to tie-in with “Obrigada.”Cecy will also be starring in a short film called “The Understudy”set for release during the 2019/2020 season. Cecy Santana & The Lotus Kings are poised to become the next major force in the ever-evolving art of music, theatre, and motion picture.