The Big Lagniappe

Fri, May 10 2019, 9:00pm - $10 - Tickets

Doors open at 7 pm.

The Big Lagniappe is a unique band from Joliet, Illinois. The band was formed in 2016, and was birthed from other projects that went to the wayside. With a four piece horn section, thumping rhythm section, and stunning guitar solos, the band has been gaining crowds attention since the beginning. While The Big Lagniappe is influenced by New Orleans roots music, the band has a slough of original tunes. The band keeps true to blue collar, Midwest town they hail from, and stay engaged in the local community. The original tunes are somewhat progressive in nature, and the traditional tunes, breath new life into the old. The first full length record, “A Little Somthing Mo”, is out as of December 21, 2018.