The Belvederes, Jack Swain's Big O

Sat, Jan 07 2017, 8:00pm - $10 - Tickets

Doors open at 7 pm.

THE BELVEDERES: Raised on a healthy diet of Garage Rock, Power-Pop, Roots, Red-Hot Rockabilly, Honky-Tonk and Soul -- John Ford (lead vocals, guitar), Joe Alonzo (drums, vocals) and Tyler Kock (bass guitar, vocals) came together during the early months of 2011, and presented a simple, clear-cut mission statement: Make people feel good. And when presented with such a task, we believe there's nothing quite like the incredible gift of Rock & Roll music. We also firmly believe that if you're gonna do this, you better do it right and give the audience MORE than what they paid for. Dynamic playing, tight three-part harmonies, dance floor-friendly energy and lots of love are what you can expect to experience at a Belvederes show. So get in on this rockin' dance party! Ya won't be sorry! 

JACK SWAIN'S BIG O: The Big O seduces you into a dream world with a tribute to the great Roy Orbison.