Ron and Naomi's Christmas Special

Thu, Dec 03 2015, 8:00pm - $10 at the door only

A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM MR. CHRISTMAS --  It’s the 6th annual presentation of the best Holiday Season Kickoff south of the North Pole. One part Andy Williams, one part Garrison Keillor, one part Pee Wee's Playhouse. All held together by the holiday house band, the Downsized Elves (Andon Davis, Michael Krayniak, Isaac Lyons, Cathie Van Wert and Paul Bivans.).Hosted by Mr. Christmas himself, Ron Lazzeretti.

This year with a twist: No Naomi! Yep, Ms. Ashley is on special assignment for Santa Claus this year, so we have to soldier on without her. Think of it as that one Christmas that you’re favorite cousin couldn’t be at because she had to go to her boyfriend’s family’s Christmas that year. You and your other cousins still had fun, drinking egg nog, opening presents and talking about what a jerk her boyfriend is. It’s kinda like that. The show must go on! And boy have we got a show for you. The always adorable Longfellow Larks. The epigrammatic Josh Zagoran and Chad The Bird.  The inimitable Cayne Collier.  The enchanting Jenny and Robin Bienemann. The rapturous Jodi and Dave. The provocative Sue Salvi. The lovely and talented David (VEEP) Pasquesi and Christian (CHICAGO FIRE) Stolte in an unprecedented live performance of the Christmas episode of the cultalicious web series, THE GRAVEYARD SHOW. And a big Christmas Surprise. If you miss this, good luck having a Merry Christmas.

Tickets at the door only.  Can't make the show?  Watch the live webcast for free HERE: