Ron and Naomi's 4th Annual Christmas Spectacular

Thu, Dec 05 2013, 8:00pm - $10

Recommended as the most effective way to kick off the Season by the Bing Crosby Memorial Associaton For How to Do the Holidays Right:  It’s the 4th Annual Ron and Naomi’s Christmas Special. Once again, local singer/songwriters Naomi (The Prettiest Elf) Ashley and Ron (Mr. Christmas) Lazzeretti  ring in the season in the grand and time-honored tradition of the television Christmas special.

Will the Longfellow Larks Children’s Choir be making another glorious appearance? Of course they will. Will we be brought to laughter and tears by our old friend Cayne (Another Auld Lang Syne) Collier? Why yes, we will. Will Hoops McGee get your bells jingling? Count on it.

But all that beautiful tradition aside, there’ll be new pleasures as well. Like the infamously hard-living, God-fearing Famous Brothers. The real Mayor of Oak Park and the man who put the Ball in Cannonball, Mr. Terry White, the one-of-a-kind song stylings of Mike Johnson, plus more surprises than a regulation size stocking can hold. It's all held together by the nation’s leading holiday house band, the Downsized Elves (Andon Davis, Michael Krayniak, Paul Bivans, Brian Anderson and Cathie Van Wert.) The Longfellow Larks step onto the stage at 8:30 PM sharp. This is going to be the Best Christmas Ever!"