Ron Lazzeretti Band, Terry White & the Loaded Dice, Donnie Biggins

Thu, Apr 04 2019, 8:00pm - $10 - Tickets

Ron Lazzeretti Band: Ron's songwriting walks that fine edge between dark and light, melodic and morose, steadfast and slippery, culminating in his first album "Battle Of The Planets."  He will be joined by friends he's still trying to talk into it that he's played with, written with, drunk with and made victims of his well-known propensity for the Irish goodbye.

Terry White & the Loaded Dice:   Who among us does not know Terry White?  From his young punk days with the Modern Day Saints through those mellow years with the Yellowhammers and on to his long and fruitful reign as one of the frontmen of the Friday night SideBar Sensations Cannonball, he's a musical lifer who we hope will never make parole.   Terry and new(ish) combo The Loaded Dice will be playing tunes from his own songbook and record "Our Separate Ways" - look for a pleasing combination of irony, angst and amused bewilderment.

Donnie Biggins: Donnie Biggins, of Chicago’s The Shams Band and owner/promoter of Tonic Room, Harmonica Dunn and the annual Dunn Dunn Fest, released his solo debut, “Profiles,” in November 2016 and the album was named "Under The Radar Best of 2016" by Glide Magazine. Blending folk and rock, many have said that Biggins' style is reminiscent of Harry Nilsson in his prime. The album has received press and airplay from the Chicago Tribune/Chicago Now, Glide Magazine, Tomorrow’s Verse, WGN Radio, WXRT, CHIRP Radio and Radio One Chicago.