Luke Winslow-King, The Dales

Sat, May 18 2019, 9:00pm - $15 - Tickets

Luke Winslow-King and his band Brennan Andes (bass), Geoff Lewis (drums) and Roberto Luti (guitar). Doors open at 7 pm.

LUKE WINSLOW-KING: According to the New York Times, Bloodshot recording artist Luke Winslow-King “Seamlessly melds Delta blues, gospel and jazz themes with personal, simplified lyrics that speak to his personal and artistic evolution." Having spent more than a decade living and working in New Orleans, his work is an eclectic mix that combines Mississippi delta blues, folk music, country, jazz, and roots rock & roll. His music blends contemporary ideas with styles from bygone eras producing a sound that is both rustic and elegant, relatable, yet entirely his own. This along with his burgundy voice, and versatile slide guitar playing have earned him a reputation as a seasoned musician who delivers soulfully energetic and dynamic performances.

Luke’s band features drummer Geoff Lewis (Steppin’ In It), bassist Brennan Andes (Macpodz), and Italian guitarist Roberto Luti. Roberto and Luke met back in 2002. The two quickly became friends while Luti had some major influences on Luke’s guitar playing. After years of friendship, making music, and touring Europe together, Roberto is finally joining Luke on tour in the US.  Luti is also a part of the Playing for Change Band.

THE DALES: More often than not, the most affecting and inspiring music is borne from the emotional impact derived from the most unfortunate of circumstance. The sounds crafted by the L.A. based band known as The Dales are no exception. Their debut album, “Marie,”was named for and inspired by Dales’ bass player Kyle Vanes' girlfriend who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2015.

The echoes of that tragedy ring through “Marie” and resonate in the bittersweet sentiment and alluring melodies that provide its wistful embrace. Yet,Marie” is more than simply a requiem to eternal love. It’s a set of songs that still resonate with unfettered optimism while finding an upward glance even in the face of unbearable loss. From the resolute refrains of opening track “Pillars of Sand” to the final resolve of the stunning title track, these melodies soar with conviction, resolve, drive and determination. Indeed, the evocative harmonies that grace such songs as “Liberty Square,” “Still the Love” and “Hiding in the Light.” Moreover, with the allure and emotional grasp bestowed on tracks like “I’ll Get By” and “Whistlin’ Jack,” The Dales create a sound with an infectious energy and intuitive intent that all but ensures its instant attraction.