Lovehouse Rockin' Holiday Show (SideBar Music Room)

Sat, Dec 21 2019, 9:00pm - $5

Doors open at 8 pm.

Formed decades ago in Chicago, Lovehouse remains one of the region’s most versatile and enduring purveyors of cover tunes by rock, blues and pop artists spanning the 1960s to today. The quintet has performed at receptions held on grand stages, in clubs across the region and at leading community and neighborhood festivals. Sets vary and include songs originated by music titans like Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, the Who and Tom Petty, but also include chestnuts from Steve Earle, the Jayhawks, John Hiatt and the Gin Blossoms.  Dedication to craft and passion for the heart of rock and roll drive Lovehouse performances, leading to the band’s moniker as “Chicago’s Most Original Cover Band.”

Phil Smith - Lead Vocals and Bass
Roy Millonzi - Guitar and Vocals 
Bill Ozanic - Drums
Dan Fox - Guitar and Vocals
Chad Hutson - Keyboards and Vocals