Jenny Bienemann’s 'Haiku Milieu' Release Celebration

Thu, May 16 2019, 7:30pm - $20 - Tickets

Jenny Bienemann releases her first-ever project built around photographs and haiku with “Haiku Milieu: Photographs and Haiku for you, Wherever You Are” in book, audiobook, e-book and soundtrack formats. The Haiku Milieu release concert is a celebration of the community within which Bienemann created the photos and haiku, as well as the Haiku Milieu project itself. Doors open at 6:30 pm. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Chicago Lighthouse.

For the concert, Bienemann has enlisted the creative talents of more than 20 fellow singer/songwriters to write and perform a song based on one of her haiku and photos. These artists include: Robin Bienemann, Naomi Ashley, Steve Dawson, Joe Dempsey, Gerald Dowd, Rachel Drew, Sue Fink, Joe Fournier and David Walker, Kate FitzGerald, Jeanne Kuhns, Ron Lazzeretti, Deborah Maris Lader, Last Acre, Matthew and Christina Marie, Jimm McIver, Bruce Roper, Small Potatoes, Jodi Walker and Terry White.

The evening will commence and conclude with a set of Jenny’s original songs, including those she wrote inspired by the words and images of Haiku Milieu. The Jenny and Friends band includes Robin Bienemann, Pat Brennan, Paul Bivans, Andon Davis, Klem Hayes, Ron Lazzeretti, and Jodi Walker.

Jenny Bienemann is an award winning, Chicago-based singer/songwriter, photographer and poet whose music has underscored TV, film, and theater projects. A sensitive guitarist and vocalist, her five critically acclaimed albums garner international radio play. 

In the Fall of 2017, she had an idea to take a photo, write an haiku inspired by it, and post it as close to every day as possible.

Immediately, her photos and haiku struck a chord, earning praise, loyal followers, and features from HaikuUniverse, Instahaikugram, and GlobalAge Poetry among many, and the book Haiku Milieu was born.  She all but sold out of the first run of the book by the end of the 2018 Holiday Season. 

Memorial Day weekend marks the release of the Haiku Milieu streaming assets including the e-book, the soundtrack, and the audiobook.

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