Jenny Bienemann (CD release)

Fri, Apr 21 2017, 8:00pm - $10 - At the door only

Chicago singer-songwriter Jenny Bienemann celebrates the release of her new disc, "Every Soul Grows to the Light." Special guests include Naomi Ashley & Jodi Walker, Robin Bienemann and Steve Dawson. Doors open at 7 pm.

Here's the lineup for the evenng:

8:15 pm Naomi Ashley & Jodi Walker
8:45 pm Robin Bienemann
9:00 pm Steve Dawson
9:30 pm Album release for "Every Soul Grows to the Light"

Jenny Bienemann is an acclaimed vocalist and instrumentalist, with a number of original songs featured in TV, radio, and theatre. Her music has been described as falling “somewhere between winking innocence and worldly detachment,” garnering comparisons to Suzanne Vega, Imogene Heap, and Michael Hedges; or, as one listener put it, “This is what it would sound like if Enya and Leo Kottke had a love child!”

She has been on the bill with Greg Brown, Michael Smith, Sons of the Never Wrong, and Sloan Wainwright among many. Her three albums receive national and international airplay on outlets as varied as MSNBC, National Public Radio, The Midnight Special, and the Howard Stern Show.  

Bienemann’s debut CD, LATE NIGHT ELABORATIONS, was released in 2004. Strong word-of-mouth and favorable press led to the album being recognized as one of the year’s best by WXRT’s Richard Milne. Her next album, GIRL FRIDAY, was recorded with only a looper, her voice and a kalimba live at the Ogilvie Transportation Center in 2011, leading the Illinois Entertainer to say, “There’s no denying Jenny Bieneman’s talents,” and Time Out Chicago to say "We admire Jenny Bienemann's moxie." Her third solo CD, “Heading Slowly Towards the Beginning,” with shimmering arrangements of vocals and strings, was heralded as “simply striking in its fluidity and charm” by WXRT’s Richard Milne, and earned a place on a number of top-of-2012 lists.

With Jenny’s 2017 CD, “Every Soul Grows to the Light,” she returns home to her first love, finger-style acoustic guitar, with 12 brand new songs that include meditations on love, loss, and things that didn’t go as planned with “You Are Where I’m From,” “Out on a Limb,” and “Quicksand.”  The song from which the album draws its title, “Pay The Piper,” is an imagined meeting between the Piper and the Devil, and features singer/songwriter Michael Peter Smith (author of the song "The Dutchman") and the Sons of the Never Wrong.

Jenny is a member of the bands The Zimmerman, The Significant Others, and The Rainy Day Women, and many of her fellow band members from these projects are featured on the CD.  These include Andon Davis on guitar, Klem Hayes on bass,  Heather Lynne Horton on violin, Robin Bienemann on guitar, Isaac Lyons on accordion, and Jodi Walker, Ron Lazzeretti, and Naomi Ashley on vocals.  More information: and