James McCandless Tribute Show

Sun, Nov 24 2019, 4:00pm - $10 - Tickets

Ever been at an open mic and someone sits down, starts playing and the whole room just goes quiet? Jim did that, every time. Join us for the 6th annual James McCandless tribute show where local singer/songwriters will celebrate the songs of the late great Chicago folk legend James McCandless. Doors open at 3 pm.

Featuring: Andrew Calhoun, Naomi Ashley, Cheryl Tomblin, Ron Lazzeretti, Jim Eichorst, Mark Bishop and Mary Daly, Michael Palmer, Jim Basten and many others.

Followed by: The McCandless Tribute Band with Jenny Bienemann, Robin Bienemann, Gary Cleland, Derek Inksetter, Dave Walker and Jodi Walker .