Groove Witness, Jack Butler's Jones, Paul Amandes

Fri, Aug 23 2019, 9:00pm - $10 - Tickets

Doors open at 7 pm.

GROOVE WITNESS: Following in the tradition of other jazz-funk groups like Liquid Soul, Galactic, and Soulive, Groove Witness plays mostly instrumentals, occasionally adding vocals when the collective muse demands it. The band's collective musical soul is rooted in jazz harmony and rhythm with a good helping of funk, soul, blues, and rock flavor as well.

JACK BUTLER'S JONES: Jack Butler's Jones is a powerful combination of contemporary lyrics and arrangements with the raw, dangerous but comforting feel of old Chicago Blues.

PAUL AMANDES: Paul Amandes is a Chicago singer-songwriter and a theatre guy (actor-singer-director-playwright). For the past few years, he’s been singing & playing with Michael Smith, Jamie O'Reilly, &/or Anne Hills (who produced & sings on LOCAL WONDERS) in concert and in shows like Michael's musical setting of O. Henry's THE GIFT OF THE MAGI and in SCARLET CONFESSIONS (which Paul also directed).

For this show at Fitzgerald’s, Paul will be re-visiting a set that was put together this spring, consisting mostly of jazz songs written by Mr. Rogers. Joining Paul will be extraordinary jazz guitarist Peter Swenson, world-class jazz bassist Jim Seidel, and Paul’s son & drummer Michael Amandes. 

You can hear Paul on the soundtrack to his show "Local Wonders" at
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