FitzGerald's Presents: Stay-At-Home Concert Series

Sat, Apr 11 2020, 4:00pm - FREE
The FITZGERALDS Stay At Home Concert this past weekend was nothing short of a pandemic miracle. Thousands of music lovers tuned in from Berwyn to Brisbane, and Oak Park to Oslo. Families danced on their porches in blissful isolation as we cruised the neighborhood.  Connecting our community through live music in this age of social distance IS possible. Phew. That gives us over at FITZGERALDS a reason to get outta bed in the morning, and a damn good reason to do it all over again. To the many folks wondering when we might present another Stay At Home Concert, we say: how about this weekend!? Are you free? Of course you are.To continue the series, FITZGERALDS proudly presents Dag Juhlin (Expo '76, Poi Dog Pondering) performing solo from the back of a pick up truck as we bring the club to you, at a safe distance.
***Proper social distancing will be required amongst anyone involved.***
To prevent gathering, the exact location will remain secret. However, if you live nearby, between Madison (N), 16th (S), Austin (E), and Harlem (W) click here: THE FITZGERALDS STAY AT HOME CONCERT LOCATION REQUEST FORM to request The FitzGeralds Stay At Home Concert pay your block a visit this Saturday between 4:00PM and 5:30PM. We are likely to visit the blocks that we receive the most requests from. Encourage your neighbors to fill out the form. Please remember to stay on your own property and maintain a safe distance. 

Whether we visit your block or you enjoy the livestream: support the club, the artist and our staff via Venmo: @FITZGERALDSNIGHTCLUB (last four digits: 0646) or PayPal: PAYPAL@FITZGERALDSNIGHTCLUB.COM
This is certainly the first concert any of us have promoted where we're asking people NOT to come
If you do not live nearby, tune in to the live stream on the FITZGERALDS facebook page. And seriously: Stay At Home!

Dag Juhlin is a staple at FitzGerald's Nightclub and The Sidebar. Not only is Dag the lead guitarist and vocalist for Sunshine Boys, Expo '76, and also performs in Poi Dog Pondering.