Exposure with The Tonellis, Walker Music Network and The Get

Thu, Feb 14 2013, 8:00pm - $5

THE TONELLIS (8 p.m.): From the basement, to the garage, to your hearts, the Tonellis have become favorites in clubs, dives and Moose halls across the land. Original, distinctive alternative pop music for your listening pleasure. 

WALKER MUSIC NETWORK (9 p.m.): Walker Music Network embodies the generous, ecclectic spirit of the Berwyn music community. It is a loose configuration of songwriters and musicians from diverse backgrounds coming together to blend influences of electronica, jazz, alt rock and folk into a truly unique musical experience. Throw in the fiercely honest lyrics of Cheryl Tomblin and the equally honest and, at times, confusingly weird lyrics of Jodi Walker and you get a listening experience you won't soon forget.

THE GET (10 p.m.): Drawing from a sweet blend of retro pop, classic rock, folk, blues and modern indie influences, Chicago natives The Get (a.k.a. James Berthiaume, Laura Lopardo, Paul Duda, Midge O' Boyle and Douglas Askham) create music that tells the common tales and toils of everyday life, but in a way too infectious to lose sight of a contented hindsight of 20/20.