Exposure Local Music Showcase with Trevor Parker Band, James Robinson-Parran, Stakehorse

Thu, Jun 14 2018, 8:00pm - Free, just hit the tip jar


Doors open at 7 pm.

TREVOR PARKER BAND (8 pm):Trevor is a classically trained singer with a passion for opera but also has a classic rock heart that comes out in the music that he writes and sings. As an artist and a songwriter, he feels blessed to be able to sing alongside his beautiful and talented wife Megan. Their lives have been amazingly transformed by the birth of their son, who is currently a major inspiration for Trevor + Band. He is currently a worship leader for Greater Chicago Church and is pursuing his dream of becoming a recording artist.

JAMES ROBINSON-PARRAN (9 pm): Classically trained, experienced soul. Ssnger/songwriter, Ppanist, composer. Desperately in love with music.

STAKEHORSE (10 pm): Drawing on influences that range from '70s kraut rock to '90s power electronics, Stakehorse provides the sonic assault so elusive in the suburban fabric of reality.