Exposure Local Music Showcase with Grape Juice Plus, Pan and the Lost Boys, Robin Bienemann

Thu, Feb 14 2019, 8:00pm - $5 donation
GRAPE JUICE PLUS (8 pm): Born out of a series of Monday morning sessions, these musicians were looking be pushed to new areas of their improvisational sand boxes. Barry Bennett, a fixture of Chicago’s free rock dating back to the classic band, MiLkBabY and Eric Klotz, emerging from the world of jazz and fusion. 
PAN AND THE LOST BOYS (9 pm): Chicago-based experimental pop.
ROBIN BIENEMANN (10 pm): Robin Bienemann’s second solo album “Songs About Lessons Learnt” is inspired by lessons, academic and spiritual. Grammar, etiquette, personal hygene, romance, science. Wickedly funny original songs with a unique mix of on folk, jazz, rap and punk music. Robin Bienemann has been a staple of the Chicago music scene for over two decades as half of the punk/rockabilly duo Twang Bang, touring the U.S. and Japan. He frequently performs with his wife Jenny Bienemann, and with the Significant Others. His tightly-crafted, often-hilarious songs reflect a quirky sensibility and draw from pop music of all eras. Robin’s wild guitar stylings harken back to the earliest forms of jazz, blues and country music. He gets compared to Roger Miller, Dan Hicks, Louden Wainright III. The band on the album draws from all-stars of the intensely creative West-side music scene: Jenny Bienemann, Dave & Jodi Walker, Laura Lopardo, Ed Sullivan, Jerry King.  http://robinb.org