Exposure Local Music Showcase

Thu, Dec 05 2019, 8:00pm - $5 donation
Doors open at 7 pm.
King Cormack (8 pm)
Scott Fortman and the Architects (9 pm)
Ian Leith (10 pm): Born in West Texas, raised in Southern Illinois, seasoned in California and currently calling Chicago home, Ian Leith is on a "quest of endless possibilities with these here fingers." From Dad’s classic country and jazz, Mom’s Motown and mariachi, and big brothers’ and sisters’ rock and roll, Ian acquired an eclectic musical pallete that served him well while playing on cruise ships for 2 years.  Actively composing music for movies, television and internet, Ian has also been writing songs since he was a teenager and loves to rearrange existing songs, both obscure and popular, into his own.