Expo '76 with Robert Cornelius

Fri, Feb 14 2020, 9:00pm - Free, just hit the tip jar

Doors open at 7 pm.

EXPO 76 is sponsored by Brickstone Brewery, Bourbonnais IL.  $4 pints every time Expo plays! Doors open at 7 pm.

Expo ‘76 & the Total Pro Horns is made up of five Chicago musicians, led by Dag Juhlin and backed by a fantastic horn section. The set is ever-growing and adventurous! Expo‘76 is made up of four lifers -- Dag Juhlin, Kenn Goodman, John Carpender and Ralph Baumel (Poi Dog/Phantom Helmsmen/Andre Williams) -- who don’t need to be in another band, but still can’t quite help themselves. Their weakness is your gain, and on any given night you’ll hear them gleefully careening from ‘70s AM radio ear candy into walloping road house beer guzzling dance tunes; they’ll chime their way through a New Wave nugget with the same exuberance that they slap around a swinging, jazzy blues number or a folk revival sing-along. Irrepressible, unstoppable, 100% unironic, and actually quite unbelievable at times, Expo‘76 won’t take your requests, because they’re already playing them. But you can still shout them out. http://expo76.com
Robert Cornelius was born to be a soul singer. He is the nephew of the late great Don Cornelius (creator of “Soul Train”), nephew to Sam Cooke ("You Send Me," "Cupid"), as well as, nephew to Bobby Womack ("Love has finally come at last"). As a child, Robert was surrounded by music and music legends everywhere he went. One of his first memories is having Bobby Womack sing happy birthday to him in his aunt's backyard while he sat on his lap. That moment made a lasting impression on him that would stay with him for the rest of his life.