Dunn Dunn Fest with JC Brooks Band, Charley Crockett, Blackfoot Gypsies, Wild Earp, Cole DeGenova, Bailey Dee, Fox Crossing Stringband, Bonzo Squad, The Heavy Sounds, Gar Clemens and more

Fri, Feb 16 2018, 6:30pm - $20 - At the Club and Ticketfly - Tickets


Three Nights! Celebrating American Music! Tonight in the Club, Tent and SideBar. Doors open at 6 pm.

Tickets available at the Club and Ticketfly http://ticketf.ly/2Cz33XA

A limited number of 3-day passes are available for $40 http://ticketf.ly/2jeNvk1

Presented by Harmonica Dunn.

Big Guys Sausage will be grillin'! Tonight's menu: Polish Sausage - $6 /  Bowl of Gumbo & Rice - $5 / Chips - $2



JC BROOKS BAND (10:30 pm): Erupting with raw emotion, JC Brooks unleashes his soulful shouts and heart wrenching falsetto over the relentless rhythm of guitarist Alec Lehrman, drummer Kevin Marks, bassist Theodore Berry IV, keyboardist Jeremy Tromberg and percussionist-extraordinaire, JoVia Armstrong. JC Brooks and his band are a force to be reckoned with, leading the Chicago Tribune to call them “the real deal” and MOJO Magazine identifying them as “one of the hottest US soul acts”, while the New York Times praised their “neo-soul glory” and the Onion AV Club declared their first album “relentlessly catchy”. It’s live, it’s compelling, it’s now, it’s theatrical. So theatrical, in fact, that they were tapped to star in the critically-acclaimed run of the Tony Award-winning musical “Passing Strange” at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts. https://www.facebook.com/JCBrooksBand/
CHARLEY CROCKETT (8:45 pm): Growing up with a single mother in San Benito, Texas, the hometown of Tejano star Freddy Fender was not easy for blues singer Charley Crockett. Hitchhiking across the country exposed Crockett to the street life at a young age, following in the footsteps of his relative, American folk hero Davy Crockett, who also lived a wild life on the American frontier. After train hopping across the country, singing on the streets for change in New Orleans’ French Quarter, busking in New York City and performing across Texas and Northern California, Crockett set off to travel the world and lived on the streets of Paris for nearly a year before searching for home in Spain, Morocco, and Northern Africa.
The blues artist returned home to Texas and released his debut solo album titled A Stolen Jewel in 2015, receiving critical acclaim in Dallas and ultimately landing him a Dallas Observer Music Award that year for “Best Blues Act”. A record “rich with Southern flavor, a musical gumbo of Delta blues, honky-tonk, gospel and Cajun jazz,” Jewel proved that Crockett, born into poverty in the Rio Grande, had come home to make his musical mark on the South. Crockett, who is self-described as elusive, rebellious and self-taught, has been compared to legends like Bill Withers, Merle Haggard, and Gary Clark Jr. To read more, go to http://www.charleycrockett.com
WILD EARP (7:15 pm): Wild Earp takes you on a road trip across Americana, taking his time along those country roads and learning some bad habits in the city. His songs are of a man who’s spent too much time alone in the forest, the prairie, the mountains, the desert, and the barroom. With a respectful nod to the old masters and a defiant scoff at the purists, Earp croons his country tunes, and mixes those pensive trail songs with jumping rockabilly, spirited bluegrass, rowdy rock, and sometimes ventures into the dark corners of folk. His lyrics thread traditional tales of heartache, sinful living, and celebration seamlessly with social commentary and absurdism. There’s wit, wisdom, woe, and a wild streak that keeps you guessing. He’s backed by The Free for Alls, a talented and fun-loving cast of characters who give life and depth to the music. Their hootin’ and hollerin’ enthusiasm is matched by their good taste and broad talents, and they leave nothing off of the table. They ain't too hard on the eyes, neither! https://www.facebook.com/olwildearp/
BLACKFOOT GYPSIES (11:15 pm): The Blackfoot Gypsies have unleashed a set of original roadhouse rockin' tunes with To the Top, on Plowboy Records. The Nashville, Tennessee based powerhouse quartet demonstrate raucous energy and soul on this collection delivering their take on white-knuckled rock'n'roll. Across the 15 tracks of To the Top, the Blackfoot Gypsies fuse their influences -- swamp blues cool, downhome hillbilly funk and homegrown punk panache -- into a lean, mean machine invoking such classic musical malcontents as the Rolling Stones, the Faces and Mott the Hoople, while sparking and spitting 21st-century fire. It's the type of record that could only come from a band that learned to rock the old-fashioned way -- one sweaty, full-throttle live performance at a time. To read more, go to http://www.blackfootgypsies.com/bio/
COLE DeGENOVA (9:30 pm): Musician, poet, and songwriter Cole DeGenova has spent most of his life crafting his eclectic artistic voice. Born in Chicago and growing up in a family of musicians and artists, DeGenova began playing piano at age four and spent his childhood studying classical piano, the jazz and blues of his hometown, and the pop music of The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and D’Angelo. By age 15 he was playing professionally in jazz and blues clubs on Chicago’s South Side. His prodigious talents led him to study at Berklee College of Music in 2005 where he trained further with jazz piano great Danilo Perez. After forming his funky alternative soul group Cole DeGenova & The Peoples Republic with fellow Berklee students, they released their first album JUST PEOPLE AGAIN in 2009. Three years later, and after thousands of miles of road covered, his second album, ANOTHER COUNTRY, is here this summer 2012; an inspired culmination of lessons learned on the road, soulful melodies, and the infectious grooves of his band. A troubadour in the truest sense, Cole DeGenova has performed alongside or opened for the likes of Saul Williams, Kurt Elling, Patricia Barber, Meshell N’degeocello, Paula Cole, J Davey, and rapper the GZA.
BAILEY DEE & HER LATE NIGHT BAIT (8 pm): Chicago's lead Rock N’ Souler - Bailey Dee found the rock and roll handbook and reads it right! Reminding many of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, with the sweetness of Lorrie Collins, and the ferocity of a young Etta James. A full band backs her featuring members of legendary R&B Chicagoan Andre Williams band and ex-Million Dollar Quartet. https://www.baileydee.com
FOX CROSSING STRINGBAND (6:30 pm): Have you been missing that truly high lonesome sound? The ladies of Fox Crossing Stringband bring high harmonies plus driving rhythm of dobro, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar and bass. Six instruments across four vocalists will leave you chasing these foxes for their new bluegrass sound. Since forming in November of 2016, this all-female bluegrass group from Chicago has been winning hearts with their beautiful harmonies, entertaining stage presence, and original songwriting. Fox Crossing Stringband has made their debut at numerous festivals in 2017 including Winter Roots, Frankfort Bluegrass Festival, Summer Stomp, Shoe Fest, East Troy Bluegrass Festival & CU Folk Festival this fall. http://foxcrossingstringband.com
BONZO SQUAD (11:30 pm): Bonzo Squad is an instrumental ensemble formed in Chicago. The group formed as the house band of a jam session at Lilly's in 2014. Members of Bonzo Squad include Corbin Andrick (Bonzo) on saxophones and flute, Andrew Lawrence on keyboards and synthesizers, Andrew Vogt on bass and Zack Marks on drums. 
THE HEAVY SOUNDS (10 pm): The Heavy Sounds are John Wills (guitar), Dan Ingenthron (keys), Jeremy Kay (bass) and Ryan Juravic (drums). Think Booker T and MG's, soul and funk. www.theheavysounds.com 
GAR CLEMENS (8:30 pm): Gar Clemens' delightful Americana-influenced-folk debut full-length may be simple, sleepy and comforting, but it is also thematically captivating, and all too capable of stirring up the kind of nagging life sentiments usually reserved for when your head hits the pillow. (Jamie Downes, United Kingdom) https://www.facebook.com/Garret.Clemens
BAND TBA (7 pm)