Dolly Varden (8 pm); Phil Angotti Band (9:45 pm)

Fri, Jan 24 2014, 8:00pm - $12 - Tickets

DOLLY VARDEN (8 pm): A note from Steve Dawson: We've talked about doing a show like this for a long time. As you probably know, each of our albums has a few songs that Diane sings - some written by her and some that I've written for her to sing. We usually play a few of them whenever we play, but for this show we're going to stack a bunch of them together and give Diane the spotlight. We'll play a few of mine, too! We go on at 8pm and play a full extended set, then the Phil Angotti band will play a set of Phil's great melodic power-pop. Phil and I will also sing a few songs between sets. This is going to be a good one, folks! We hope to see you there.

PHIL ANGOTTI BAND (9:45 pm): Features Chicago power pop veterans with Mike Zelenko on drums and fronted by longtime Chicago singer/songwriter/guitarist Phil Angotti, who has just released his 11th full length album "Life and Rhymes."