Coyote Riot, PM Buys

Fri, Jan 12 2018, 9:00pm - $10 - Tickets

Doors open at 7 pm.

COYOTE RIOT: Coyote Riot is group of friends hailing from the far Southwest side of Chicago playing a style of Americana music with hints of folk, bluegrass, rockabilly and more. What began as hanging out, banging on some guitars and occasionally playing at local pubs back in 2012 has matured into a more developed sound being put on display on bigger stages around the Midwest and has culminated into the band’s first album release of original music in December of 2016 titled “Burnt Along the Way.”Combining the raucous sounds of guitars, tenor banjo, electric bass, peddle steel and fiddle and an array of signature voices, Coyote Riot has developed a knack for putting on a rowdy show bursting with energy. The band can often be found playing out around venues stretching the city, the local bars in and around their Mount Greenwood – Beverly neighborhood and playing outdoor summer festivals or parties for just about any occasion.

PM BUYS: Chicago folksinger P.M. Buys stands as any building from his city’s skyline would, stretched high and slender. With a harmonica slung from his neck and a well-aged guitar in his hands, he appears to compartmentally fit his Midwest predecessors like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. One can certainly detect heavy influence from the Ghosts of Folk Music’s Past tucked within the works of P.M. Buys. Those elements, when twisted with thorough classical guitar training, surprising chordal accompaniment and intense lyricism, combine to give P.M. Buys a sound entirely his own.

His first release, a batch of six songs entitled Funeral Psalms, was released in January of 2014. The EP is currently available for download, free of charge, at