Charleston Night (Club)

Sat, Sep 23 2017, 8:30pm - $5

Doors open at 7 pm.  PUBLIC WELCOMED!

Once upon a time, Chicago's Charleston Tavern (Hoyne&Charleston) had a long stretch of pure magic - musicians, artists, writers and other dreamers joined together nightly to create a world of music, art and talk that everybody wanted to live in. Join us as they reconnect for a night of memories, music and fun.

Big Guys will be grilling a variety of sausages for purchase, and sponsor Kinslahger Brewing will offer $4 pints. Don't miss this end-of-summer special!


Jamie Wagner Trio (8:30 pm)

Eric Noden and Joe Filisko (9 pm)

Gina McLaughlin Quintet (9:30 pm)

Lou Rider (10 pm)

Peter Joly Group (10:30 pm)

Tim Hart (11 pm)

The Menards (11:30 pm)

Dave Kay, Rob Brookman and Jon Williams (midnight)

Bunkertown (12:30 am)