Bluesday Tuesday with Dave Specter and Jimmy Johnson

Tue, May 05 2020, 7:00pm - $10 - Tickets

Doors at 6PM

This is the best blues bargain in town. Blues' favorite DJ TOM MARKER hosts an evening (first Tuesday of the month) of blues music sponsored by Revolution Brewing and WDCB's Blues Time with Tom Marker. The band performs two sets and Tom will play blues selections before the show and during breaks. Doors open at 6 pm. 

Revolution Brewing beer specials $5 pints and $3 cans every Bluesday Tuesday.

Food availble for purchase beginning at 6 pm.

Blues guitarist, bandleader and producer Dave Specter has earned an international reputation as one of the premier talents on the Chicago blues scene. Since 1985 Specter has performed regularly at top Chicago blues and jazz clubs in addition to festivals and concert halls throughout the USA. Since 1989 Dave has toured internationally with performances in Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Spain, England, Holland, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Mexico and Canada. Dave's latest album, Message in Blue features special guests Otis Clay, Brother John Kattke and Bob Corritore. It' topped the Roots Music Report's blues charts and received rave, 4 star reviews from Downbeat Magazine and All Music Guide.

JIMMY JOHNSON: When I was 16 years old, I went to Memphis seeking work. I found odd jobs digging ditches and working construction, but those jobs weren’t much better than the work back home. I even spent time at Memphis’s famous Peabody Hotel working for 14 dollars a week. Occasionally daydreaming of returning home, yet determined to tread my own path as an independent man, I carried on.

One fateful day, I received a postcard from my Uncle in Chicago. He was coming to Mississippi to visit the family and wondered if maybe I’d like to go back north to Chicago with him when he returned home. I jumped for joy at the chance and hurried back home to meet him.

I hated to leave my mama behind, but I wanted a better life and knew this was an opportunity not to be missed. I was twenty years old and on my way up.

Only a few days after arriving to Chicago, I had a job. I worked for Harrison Sheet Steel learning how to weld, eventually becoming a Class A combination welder. I worked hard, saved as much money as I could and as soon as I had enough, sent for my mama and the younger children to join me in Chicago.

I finally had money, real money, a nice car, good clothes and at the age of 28 had the great pleasure of buying my first guitar.

Fate had been kind to me, in more ways the one, and when I moved to Chicago, I found myself living right next door to burgeoning blues legend Magic Sam. How lucky could you get!?

I worked all day welding sheet metal and all night practicing my guitar and on July 4th 1958, I played my first gig. I was quickly fired and back home practicing once more. Thankfully I could always sing, so once I worked out the finer points of the guitar, the sky was the limit and the doors began to open everywhere I looked.

My music has taken me all over the world and I’ve had the great pleasure of playing with some of the greatest musicians of all-time: BB King, Albert King, Freddie King, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and Magic Sam to name just a few. All have had a tremendous influence on me and my music. It’s difficult to put into words just how much they all continue to mean to me.

I love and play music of all kinds, and relish in entertaining an audience big or small. My music has introduced me to some truly amazing people of every color and creed from all over our planet. I have gained many cherished friends throughout my life and travels and, thanks to your continuing support, live a very comfortable life.

Who could have imagined coming from such humble beginnings into eventually being inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame after having traveled the world sharing my music with the masses?